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Although most of our packaging equipment is delivered to locations in the United States - especially the Northeastern region - we also provide quick and reliable service to customers in Europe, South America, Central America, and the Middle East. We've pioneered techniques for containerizing equipment to assure safe, efficient transport via air, land, or sea. Using our vast network of machine resources and client databases we can source a particular machine for your application if it is not in our large inventory. Our large New Jersey facility warehouses many of the industry's most popular machines for quick delivery to your production floor.

We Design 

At B.D. Briggs, we specialize in designing new packaging configurations and engineering our designs to the most demanding specifications. 

That's how we get our name!

Our in-house research and development department is always seeking new ways to make our machines more efficient and productive. If you have an idea or even just a desire to enhance your packaging machinery count on B.D Briggs to make your wish a reality.

We Build 

Component by Component, we assemble our design with the greatest care and precision. In our machine shop, we manufacture parts at 50% of manufacturer's usual costs. Our parts department is one of the most comprehensive in the business. Our machines incorporate the latest design components- including heat controllers, photo sensors, motor controls and much more. We custom make feed systems, change parts etc,. to handle unlimited packaging variations.

We Rebuild 

A large portion of our business consist of taking old, non -productive packaging machinery and rebuilding it into modern efficient equipment. On the average, a rebuilt machine from B.D. Briggs cost 40% less than a similarly equipped new machine.

You'll find that when we

re-manufacture a machine, it is just as productive as new because it is rebuilt to the original manufacturer's specifications with change parts to accommodate your exact project.


Your feedback is Important to us!

That former you guys made for the old Doboy worked like a charm. You guys kick ass from service to the parts and all the help in between! Thank you!

                                                                                                           Joe / Manager

                                                                                                          Philadelphia, PA  


   I hope this email finds you well, on behalf of The  Team I want to thank you for the excellent service and outstanding technical support, always available and prompt response to our needs."   

                                                                                          Milton  / Engineering Manager  

                                                                                           Tobyhanna, PA


"Ray - thanks for being so hospitable to Ashley - he was very impressed with your operation - and he said the wrapper was heads above anything we have had in the past.  We are excited about getting it delivered..."   

                                                                                          Kenny  T./ President  

                                                                                           Glenville, GA 


" Over the last two year, we have utilized your company's services in design, installation, rehab and commissioning new lines and old lines. It is rare to find someone of your caliber in this industry, you have been honest, forthcoming, helpful, courteous ad willing to provide solutions. I wanted to take the time to thank you and your entire staff . I am looking forward to continue working with you in the future" 

                                                                                                           Marwan / CEO 

                                                                                                          Wheeling, Illinois 

The tooling they prepared  for our Sollas performed admirable, for that we are very thankful and grateful. It is always a pleasure doing business with you" 

                                                                                                             Mark C.  / President 

                                                                                                           Patterson, New Jersey 

"On  2006, we had a fire that totally destroyed our facility. We tried to salvage our machines that could be repaired, we contacted B.D. Briggs to see if they can repair our machines. They accepted, choosing Briggs was the right choice because they did an excellent job in repairing and providing us with great service when we needed them." 

                                                                                                     John E. / Owner 

                                                                                                       Toledo, Ohio 

"We know we can always count on B.D Briggs to be there when needed, and to be able to handle everything from basic maintenance and set-up problems thru complete engineering and equipment design." 

                                                                                                    Daniel S. / Director 

                                                                                                    Lakeland, Florida 


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