Stork Texwrap

Model : T2219 automatic in-line sealer

Versatile units capable of wrapping up to 50 pieces per minute. 

The 2219 Intermittent Motion L-Seal System and larger 3322 are easy to use and rugged enough for constant operation.


Mateer Neotron Systems 

Model : 1000 & 1100

Powder Filler.

• Reliability

• Versatility

• Productivity


Automatic Divider & 

Rounder For Pizza 

This machine has been designed for automatically dividing and rounding pieces of pizza dough. without spoiling them.  The compartment, in the machine's base, has been designed to hold drawers that are supplied only on request. The machine is mounted on wheels; no maintenance is required. 

Loma IQ2 Metal Detector

This metal detector standard features are plastic chain belt 5" wide, has a 6" wide x 9" tall opening, a belt stop reject, touch screen controls. The machine length is approximately 60 inches. 

DCI Teflon Pressure Tank 300L

Item Type: Mixing Tank
Manufacturer: DCI
Model: 300 Liters
Last Use: Pharmaceutical

West Crimp Capper 

RW 600 SS

Manufacturer: The West Co., Inc.

Model: RW-600-SS

Condition: Good

System: Capper Machine

Weber Labeling Systems

MODEL: 5100  S# W51000771

The Weber Model 5100 Printer-Applicator incorporates a label printer within a twin-tamp label applicator. T Zebra thermal-transfer and direct-thermal label printers offer high-density label printing for a variety of industrial applications

Video Jet Model 178i

  • Easy to read backlit LCD display


  • High-resolution printing on any substrate


  • Print rate: up to 1832 characters per minute, depending on font


  • Keyboard: 66 alphanumeric and special character keys on moisture and ketone resistant, membrane type keyboard


  • Auto-flush

Video Jet Model 100

  • The EXCEL Series 100 printer can serialize, automatically advance expiration dates and print part numbers, batch codes and messages on any surface.

  • On-button controls the complete start-up and shut down process.

  • Flexible Applications.

  • This printer is designed for installation in the smallest possible area.

  • The cabinet contains an ink system and a controlling electronic system operated via a panel on the cabinet front door.

  • The cabinet is made of stainless steel with doors.

Video Jet Model 2000

  • The Videojet Excel 2000 is specifically designed for performance in tough environments, these printers code reliably in a variety of applications where speed, quality of code and flexibility are key factors.

  • Stainless steel, IP65 wash-down cabinet

  • AutoflushTM system cleans printhead, nozzle and return line, eliminating daily printhead cleaning

  • Fresh ink recirculation system maintains uniform pigment distribution in ink supply with no mechanical stirring mechanism.

  • Automatically keeps ink at optimum condition, reducing maintenance time and cost 

Hayssen Ultima Bagger 

MODEL : U84831 

  • 13 inch jaw

  • 115 volts, 1 phase, 60hz, 30 amps

Capmatic Bambino Labeler  

MODEL : Original 13DX 

Status: Preowned​

  • 220 volts, 95 PSI, 1 PH

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