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Scandia 607

Fully automatic propylene type carton wrapper approx 60-80 ppm good for cd and dvd cases cigar packages, candy boxes includes pressure sensative tare tape head and digital heater control guards were removed to show detail.

Scandia 710

Scandia 710 a high speed turret type automatic wrapping machine. Designed for : wrapping medium - size packages and heat sealing films with opening tape feature has single wheel infeed volts 60 cycles -3 phase speeds up to -200 packages per minute small pkgs 50-200 per minute large pkgs 50-125 per minute.

Marden Edwards

The B series is a fully automatic base seal overwrapping machine, capable of wrapping speeds of up to 60 packs per minute.

Having a robust control system, operator diagnostic pane and, quick change tooling combined to offer a highly flexible and efficient production machine.

Sollas 20

The Sollas 20 is a versatile overwrapping machine that can

Be supplied with various feeding systems. The machine has

Proven itself at thousands of satisfied customers

Worldwide. The products can be wrapped either as single

Packs or in bundles. Due to its flexibility and easy operation,

The Sollas 20 is a well-known machine in the industry.

Scandia 712

Continuous wrapping, up to 60 packages per minute, strong steel construction provides a sturdy , dependable machine. Capable of wrapping singles, multiples and trays of various sizes. Custom designed for quick product change over. Hand-wheel provides speed adjustment from 20 -60 packages per minute. Ideal for hand feeding applications.

Doboy J-Warppers

The J wrapper is flexible to handle a wide range of package sizes and configurations, can wrap singles, multiples, stacks and trays, and can be used with cold seal films and any heat sealing materials.

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