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Doboy Stratus Wrapper, Single Fin

This horizontal machine offers fast and precise product changeover capabilities. Quality package seals and appearance are easily achieved with heated finwheels. The stratus is excellent for packaging products using flexible polypropylene. Multiple product setups can be stored, which simplifies machine setup for less experience operators. Plus programmable product setups provide precise changeover of package length, speed, end seal dwell, and timing of product and film to the sealing crimpers.  Installation and start-up takes approx 2 hours. Wraps up to 75 packages per minute

Doboy Stratus Wrapper, Dual-Fin

This low-cost electronic horizontal wrapping machine comes with electronic controls that offer fast and precise product changeover capabilities equivalent to machines three to four times the price. The stratus is perfect for a wide variety of products from hardware, bakery, candy, housewares and many other industries. 


· Twenty pre-programmable product set ups 

·   Torque sensitive servo motors stop the machine if jams occur in the infeed or end crimpers 

· Two set of finwheels 

Doboy Mustang IV 

The Doboy Wrapper is a Flexible medium duty flow wrapper with is dual cantilever finwheel design and upgraded controls from the mechanical version. This wrapper cna run up to 150 packages per minute and available in many jaw configurations. 

Doboy Servo Mustang 


This Dual Fin wheel machine, brings new technology to old school ruggedness with the B.D. Briggs Servo design you get a dependable option with today technology.

Doboy Linium 301 

The Linium 301 series of wrapper is one of the industry heavy duty wrappers for years, with plc controls, 2 or 3 fin wheel configuration and many jaw seal options. The 301 wrapper can run up to 300 packs per minute.

Doboy Scotty Wrapper

The Scotty wrapper is one of the most economically-priced horizontal wrappers on the market today.

You can process anywhere from 20-60 packages per minute.

Doboy Scotty II Wrapper

The wrapper with economical edge. 

Scotty II is your economical advantage to wrapping, longitudinal fin seals for clean package design. This wrapper has a broad product range can handle singles, multiples and trays of various shapes and sizes. Handwheel provides length adjustment from 4-12" or 5 - 15" as well as speed adjustment from 20 to 60 packages per minute. 

Pack 102 Wrapper 

Entry-level horizontal flow wrapper that packages products in flow wraps, with an output of up to 150 packages per minute.


*High quality packages

*Standard in stainless steel execution for ease of cleaning and longer machine life

*Quick delivery

  •  1-UP

  • Width of jaws: 8 INCH

  • Type of knife with machine:  ZIG-ZAG

  • Length of infeed  3 METER

  • Length of discharge conveyor  ½ METER

  • Phase and voltage: 240VOLTS/60/ 1 PHASE  

  • Serial number:18-35065

  • Year built 2018

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