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RA Jones CMV Tuck

The Jones CMV can handle a broad range of  carton Sizes, styles and materials for virtually any type of product. Faster, super closing, quick changeover and efficient operation, all combined to provide labor savings and lower overall packaging costs. 

Semi-automatic constant motion. 

* speed range 45-120 cartons, with "HIGH" speed option up to 150cartons per minute.

*frame extension available 

RA Jones IMV 

An alternate to the CMV the IMV offers efficient low maintenance operation. It can operate up to 60 cartons per minute adn features a rapid change over and can accommodate wide range of cartons. 

*25 - 60 cartons per minute

*cartons styles straight, reverse tuck, fourth flap, fifth panel, four flap lock bottom and glued end. 

Bivans Vertuck 74T

The 70 series are fully automatic, can be equipped with automatic product loaders, such as for blister packs , bottles, vials, etc. 


  • 3 - 4 loading operators 

  • larger foot print allows for filler, leaflet inserted or other attachments 

  • high maximum output of 120 cartons per minute  

  • video link :   

Bivans 54L Convey-O-Mat

The model 54L is semi-automatic cartoner, erects and closes one end, reverse tuck. simplifies manual oading by placing cartons vertically, guarded for opeartor safety. 

 Speed range adjustable from 5 to 60 cartons per minute.

video Link: 

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